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Various kinds of nuts and dried fruits.
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A brand owned by Deccan Trade Centre

Who are we ? Why us ?

Deccan Trade Centre is a company, completely dedicated to its customers in providing thoroughly graded and best quality Dryfruits, serving since 2020.Started as a retail store,we now deal in both retail and wholesale and horeca niches and also have a small cashew processing unit too, spread across 1 retail/wholesale unit and 3 godowns in Solapur City, Maharashtra.

We procure best material from trusted importers of Dryfruits ,which are later cleaned and sorted before packing. We believe in Service and put same amount of efforts to it as we do in selling the Products and want our customers to understand the varities in market,as we do.Which is why we offer four to five varieties of each dryfruits item available with us to both retail and wholesale customers and educate them about the differences and benefits too.

We are here today with the love and continuous support from our customers which keeps us motivated in making more improvements in our products and services.

Featured Products


Almonds come in different varieties - California (3/4 types) Australian, Kashmiri,Irani , Afghani among which Irani mamra badam is considered to be superior due to its oil contents and nutritional benefits.

They are rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium,Zinc and good for your heart ,eyes,reduces cholesterol and regulates blood pressure.
For better digestion and absorption, it's better to soak almonds overnight,before eating.


Cashew Nuts are of different major origins- Benin, Ivory coast, Tanzanian,Kokan,Odisha, Manglore,Panruti etc

They are graded according to nut count/sizes as Wmix,W400,W320,W240,W210,W180 and many more grades.

We supply Kokan cashews which are better in taste and texture and are highly demanded by our customers.

They are highly nutritious, promote weight loss,are good for heart health,have antioxidants which makes them good for skin.They are good for your eyes and hair too.


We supply all varieties of Kishmish/Manukka/Raisins like local varieties of Sangli, Solapur,Nashik which includes both green/yellow/brown and black.

Afghani Kishmish/munakka are better and bigger in size and have small seeds in them which have nutritional benefits.
Black Afghani raisins are of two varieties,with seeds and seedless.
Seeded black raisins are considered to be healthy.

They are rich in potassium which helps in managing blood pressure,eases constipation, strengthens bones, improves skin health,hair health and digestion.

Dried fruits / Berries

These include fruits and berries like kiwi, pineapple, mango , cherries, strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, and many more....which are dehydrated/dried and preserved so that they are available all year.

They are rich in antioxidants,thus reduces oxidative stress and aging process keeping your skin healthy. They also lower blood pressure,are good for heart , manage diabetes and help in losing weight.


Pista ,may it be American or Irani in origin,are rich in nutrients and low in calories.They are packed with antioxidants, and good for gut health and helps in maintaining blood sugar levels.

We sell both origins of Pista available in two types- Plain and Roasted/salted.

Anjeer/ Figs

Anjeer/ Figs come from different origins like Afghani, Kashmiri, Turkish and are the best option for increasing core strength.They have medicinal properties for fighting conditions like indigestion, cardiovascular disorders, and other gut problems.They improve heart health and are rich in carbohydrates and fibre .

We at Deccan Trade Centre supply many varieties of figs/anjeer all year.


Walnuts/ Akhrot come in different varieties and origins like Kashmiri, Californian,Chilean etc and are graded according to their sizes and colours and crops.

We deal mainly in Kashmir and Chile origin walnuts.(both shelled and kernels)

They are rich in Vitamin C, Magnesium, Vitamin B6,Iron and many other nutrients which help in improving gut health, brain health, hair health, heart health and aids curing cancer .


We at Deccan Trade Centre, supply around 13/14 varities of Dates/Khajur all year long.Few of them are Kalmi dates , Ajwa dates , Medjoul dates, Amber dates,Sukkhari dates, Muzaffati dates etc...

They are rich in fibre and beat option for energy.They aid in bowel movement and brain functionality , reduces risk of cancer, and are good for skin and bones too.

Dry Dates/ Kharik

Variety of dry dates are available like jamun kharik, yellow kharik, Omani/Suri kharik, which are good source of fibre and help in weight management .They can help in lowering cholesterol levels and have low glycemic level which make them good for diabetic patients.


We supply all healthy and edible seeds like Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds,Chia seeds, Watermelon seeds, Flax seeds, Sesame seeds etc..

Just like dryfruits and nuts, seeds are equally important for a fit healthy body.
-Regular consumption can increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
-They are rich in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties.
-Their magnesium content helps in regulating blood sugar levels thus lowering risk of diabetes.

Flavoured Dryfruits

Best quality dryfruits are procured and finely ghee roasted (not fried) using inhouse spices and flavours.

Masala cashews,salted cashews and almond, chocolate cashews and almonds, pudina cashew, lemon cashew, etc are available

Premium Range

Premium Range of imported dryfruits like Hazelnut,Pine Nuts, Pecan Nuts, Brazil Nuts etc... are continuously available at best rates.


These have countless benefits for a human body like- improving vision and eyesight , skin health, gut health, protection of liver and management of high blood pressure.

We supply Afghani and Turkish apricots, finely graded and best in quality.


Other healthy items like Makhana, Peanut Butter, Dryfruits laddoo,Amla candy, Oats etc of top quality are available all year.

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